The Sanitation Roadshow: Our Formal Launch

“Using a toilet is in my house is like a dream come true. I thought it was only possible in the city.” On Thursday March 5, Sanivation formally launched its services via the Sanitation Roadshow. The World Bank, Water and Sanitation Program, the Ministry of Health, and Sanivation worked together to coordinate the roadshow in Karagita, […]


Fecal Sludge Management: It’s a Messy Business

By Emily Woods I recently had the privilege of traveling to Hanoi, Vietnam to present Sanivation’s newest breakthroughs at FSM3, the 3rd worldwide conference for Fecal Sludge Management. Vietnam was an excellent place to host the conference because as a country Vietnam has made enormous strides in improving sanitation efforts. Over 1,000 delegates from more than […]

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What Makes a Good Toilet? Ask Geoffrey.

by Dickson Ochieng, Sanivation’s Program Manager in Naivasha, also pictured above.   What makes a toilet so good that that someone will see it and want to have one for himself, immediately? Is it Comfort? Cleanliness? Smell-free? Affordability? Convenience? Not having to go outside at night? What about the delivery of the services. What makes […]

Dickson's team and community health advocates

Today, we celebrate positive deviants

On World Toilet Day, a normal question to ask may be, what’s a normal toilet? Well, for 3/5th of the world, normal is very unhygienic methods such as communal pit latrines, open defecation, or “flying toilets” (defecating in a bag and tossing it from a window). While crisis language has become commonplace when talking about […]


Sanivation visits SWAP

As a company we are always looking to learn from those that have come before us. We were fortunate to be invited to Kisumu in order to visit the Safe Water and AIDS Prevention project and Alie Eleveld’s team. We were excited to learn about SWAP’s service delivery practices and how they have cultivated a […]

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Sanivation Lends a Hand(washing)

Every year on October 15, millions of children around the world celebrate Global Handwashing Day by learning about proper hygiene. As an organization committed to improving health in our community, Sanivation worked with the District Public Health Office and several local schools to educate children about proper handwashing techniques and their importance.   This year Sanivation […]

Dickson's team and community health advocates

Interview with Naivasha Program Manager, Dickson Ochieng–Part 1

Tell me more about your team and the title “community health advocates”:   I think when we started this model, Andrew and I, just had a brief morning meeting. I actually didn’t know what was next for Sanivation after the Kakuma pilot. Andrew said we are done with pilots and we are going to start […]

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Ever Wanted to Name a Toilet?

Ever wanted to name a toilet? Now you can! We’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to purchase a briquetting machine. The machine we’ve chosen can produce one ton an hour, which covers the daily needs of 800 people. We offer incredible perks, ranging from Kenyan Chai to naming one of our toilets. Check […]


When will you be coming to (insert my hometown)?

This past weekend we participated in the Naivasha Horticultural Fair. The fair draws exhibitors from all over East Africa to showcase horticultural products. We believe that we can offer improved sanitation services to flower farms in the Naivasha region. Our stand included two of our mobile toilets, our solar concentrator, and chai being cooked from […]

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US Embassy of Nairobi features our work in Kakuma

The following video was produced by US Embassy Nairobi highlighting the work of Sanivation in Kakuma Refugee Camp. This work was made possible by US Government, Centers for Disease Control, Norwegian Refugee Council, United Nations High Commission on Refugees, International Rescue Committee and Oxfam GB.