Our Approach

A service model for sanitation

Sanivation’s model focuses on treating local urban residents as customers.

We provide sanitation as a service where we:

    1. Rent aspirational toilets
    2. Service them twice a week
    3. Treat the human feces with our cost effective solar concentrators
    4. Repurpose the biosolids



service cycle2


The idea is this service is one people aspire to have. Customers are excited to show their family who is visiting for the week their clean, smell-free and user friendly toilet. We are not only increasing access to improved sanitation but as WASHCost notes, an improved service. 




WashCost, July 2011. Assessing Sanitation Service Levels. IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre.


In order to accomplish this goal of providing an improved service model as proposed by WASHcost, Sanivation has designed a cost-effective way to treat human feces with the free and abundant energy from the sun. We have tested our solar concentrator design and have shown that it inactivates at least 99% of the most robust pathogens. See our experimental setup in our blog post “So did this solar concentrator thing really kill helminth?”.


Solar concentrator with 50L container of feces


tempdead helminth.peg